St. Bernadette Catholic Church

Youth Formation K-5th Grades

 These letters were mailed to parents August 4th, 2020:





Character Celebration Award winners for Monday nights from February 2020 for “Responsibility” & “Self Control”


Character Celebration Award winners for Tuesday nights from February 2020 for “Responsibility” & “Self Control”



December Character Celebration Awards Monday group) – “Respect / Sharing & Fair”

December Character Celebration Awards (Tuesday group) – “Respect / Sharing & Fair”






K-5th Grade Religious Ed.

New this year, Class Family Mass attendance is NOT mandatory for students.  We will NOT have a sign-in sheet for Mass.  Of course, we encourage all our families to attend Mass every Sunday, as we all live out our Catholic faith; plus bringing your children to Mass is a part of the role you take-on in the religious education process of our young people. 


PRAYER REWARD:  Your child’s religious education is a partnership between you and your child’s religion teacher.  You will received a copy of our prayer reward system.  It is nearly impossible for your child to learn his / her prayers, while covering 1-2 chapters, in an hour and fifteen minute religion class.  This is where you step in and practice prayers with your child, maybe before bed each night.  This routine will aide in the learning process and allow you quality time with your child. 


SAFE ENVIRONMENT:  For the safety of all of our children, please don’t speed through the parking lot.  A couple of weeks ago, we had a near miss with a younger sibling crossing the parking lot.  Also for safety reasons, if you escort your child to his / her class, please don’t linger in the hallways after the second bell / tone rings.

We encourage all parents to volunteer to help us with religion and our Children’s Ministry events.  Parents wishing to help in any ministry involving children must go through the Safe Environment process.  Please see me, call us or stop by the New Life Center (879-1506) for more information.

OUR SINCEREST THANK YOU: Our program cannot run without your support and cooperation. Thank you.  If you have any questions or concerns, call Wanda or Amy in the Office of Religious Education at 879-1506.