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Catholic Daughter Court Our Lady of Perpetual Help #1848

Past and Present

Court Our Lady of Perpetual Help #1848 was officially established on October 16, 1960 at the Houma Municipal Auditorium with Miss Victoria Daigle as Grand Regent.  Our Mother Court was Court Cardinale Gibbons #177 (St. Francis de Sales Cathedral).

Originally there were ten officers: Grand Regent, Vice Regent, Second Vice Regent, Prophetess, Financial Secretary, Historian (Recording Secretary), Treasurer, Monitor Sentinel, Lecturer, Organist, and six Trustees.  The Sentinel sat at the entrance to the meeting and asked for the password from everyone entering.  The password was changed every three months.  The Lecturer informed members about Court procedures.  Today there are five officers: Regent, Vice Regent, Recording Secretary, Treasurer, and Financial Secretary along with chairmen of various committees.  Passwords no longer exist.  Officers are now elected every two years.

The “Kitty” originated at the first meeting where a donation jar was placed on the sign in table.  The donations were placed into the Mass Fund.  After Hurricane Katrina the fund became the “Matthew 25” Fund to render assistance to individuals in need.  We recently helped someone pay expenses while seeking medical assistance at MD Anderson.

Dues were originally $5.00 per year.  Part of these dues went to the National CDA organization and part went to the State CDA organization.  The rest remains with the local court.  Dues are now $25 per year with assistance available for anyone not able to afford their dues.

Court Officers meet during the summer to prepare a schedule of events for the coming year, a budget to meet the needs of the Court and plan fundraisers to help with the needs of our Parish of St. Bernadette, our community, and different charitable organizations that we assist. The Officers do meet from time to time in the event of changes to be made on budget, meeting times, or emergency needs by our Parish.

The Catholic Daughters became the “Official Hostesses” for St. Bernadette Parish in 1987 by Fr. Wilmer Todd.  We help plan and prepare for Parish functions.  We take part in our annual St. Joseph Altar, garage sale, First Communions, Confirmations, and rosaries for funerals.  This Court has helped with Katrina victims living in the civic center by doing their laundry, sending personal care items to our service men and women, made food baskets for food deprived in our area, produced a 50th anniversary Catholic Daughter cookbook to help with church renovations, and even produced a prayer booklet to give to our parishioners who support us in all our fundraisers. 

Court Our Lady of Perpetual Help stays very active. Recent activities include Catholic Daughter Awards Banquet, St. Bernadette’s Trunk or Treat, Christmas for Casa teens, Food baskets for Thanksgiving and Christmas, March for Life Adoration and Prayer for Life Rosaries to name a few.

All Catholic Women are invited to join the largest Catholic Women’s Organization, who by the way was founded in 1903 by the Knights of Columbus!  Together we can help create change in our world.  Together we can serve our brothers and sisters along with serving God and Country.  Come check out CDA at one of our monthly meetings held every first Tuesday of the month at 6:30 pm in Herbert Hall.


Present Officers (pictured below left to right)

MaryLynn Foret- Financial Secretary
Janet Robichaux- Regent
Louanne Buquet- Vice-Regent
Ida Bergeron- Treasurer
Susan Portier-Recording Secretary



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